Federico Bianchi AI Engineer, ML Researcher


I am Fede, an AI Engineer at Xyla. Working on Open Evidence.


I am a former Postdoctoral Researcher at Stanford NLP, collaborating with Dan Jurafsky and James Zou.

My expertise spans AI, highlighted by technical contributions in prestigious venues such as ICML, ICLR and Nature Medicine, as well as recognized projects. I specialize in ML and LLM development, with notable features in Nature, Nature Machine Intelligence and in the Washington Post.

I am the co-inventor of TextGrad, a library for autograd with textual feedback, FashionCLIP, pioneering fashion-oriented CLIP models, and CTMs, a library for topic modeling with Contextualized Embeddings.

My safety research has been adopted by Meta and Anthropic, while FashionCLIP serves as a backend for numerous fashion recommendation systems, accumulating millions of downloads.