Teaching CLIP Some Fashion

This is a short blog post describing FashionCLIP. If you are a data scientist you probably have to deal with both images and text. However, your data will be very specific to your domain, and standard models might not work well. This post explains how domain-specific vision and language models can be used in a domain-specific setting and why using them can be a promising way to create a search engine or a (zero-shot) classifier.

A Rounded Evaluation of Recommender Systems

This article describes a novel data and code challenge that is currently running: EvalRS. We decided to organize EvalRS with friends from Coveo, Microsoft, and NVIDIA, to better understand evaluation in Recommender Systems.

Contextualized Topic Modeling with Python (EACL2021)

In this blog post, I discuss our latest published paper on topic modeling in which we introduce Contextualized Topic Models.